Car Restoration – VW Corrado gets a respray.

Car Restoration – VW Corrado Gets a Respray

Very much a 'modern classic', these VW Corrado's are becoming a rarity (especially ones as solid as this one) so it's very gratifying to be trusted with car restoration projects such as this.

Our customer brought the car to us in Derby after carefully selecting it and wanted to get it looking perfect before putting it in to storage.

He was very honest from the start, stating how particular he is with his cars, being an avid VW collector with many classic VW's already safely tucked away in his unit.

Before commencing any work the customer gave us 2 disposable cameras and requested that we take lots of images as we went through the process, which we were more than happy to do.

Although there wasn't any accident damage to the car there were the usual minor dings, light corrosion, chips, scratches etc that you would expect of a car over 25 years old. There was also a fair amount of peeling lacquer from work carried out by previous owners.

Our customer wanted to retain the original paint on the roof, which is understandable, so we set about restoring the rest of the car.

As with any vehicle that we are painting, we firstly remove all the exterior parts, such as the door handles, mirror units, bumpers, lights, body mouldings etc.
On this particular car a fair amount of the fixings had seized in place, nothing too challenging (or that we wouldn't expect of a car over 25 years old).

We then use air sanders with various different grade abrasive discs on to remove light damage and, in this case, non-genuine, inferior quality paint that had been used on minor repairs all over the car.

The bumpers are mounted to jigs and prepared off the car to ensure they are perfect all the way through.

Every surface is checked to ensure the preparation of the bodywork is nothing short of perfect before being passed to the paint department ready for spraying in the booth.

Colour match..? No worries..

The paint for this Corrado (and everything we paint) is mixed using our onsite mixing system which is backed by Akzo-Nobel, one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world!

Our spray booth automatically controls the temperature to help ensure both the base and clear coats go on nice, smooth and even.

Of course the booth isn't solely responsible for the finish on this Corrado, that's also down to one of our skilled painters using the best paints & the very best spray guns.

Once all the paint has been applied the car is then baked to 'set' the lacquer before final de-nibbing (to remove any minor imperfections), polishing and refitting.

Unfortunately you won't see this very classic on the roads very much as it's now off to be dry-stored & is planned to only come out for shows, of which we're sure it's going to raise an eyebrow or two!

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