Full Respray VW Caddy Maxi

Full Respray – VW Caddy Maxi

We carried out a full respray on this VW Caddy, removing scuffs, dents and corrosion, smoothing / colour coding bumpers, transforming it with bright new paint from a tired looking van into a stunning little eye catcher!

Although this van had no actual damage, it had unfortunately been the subject of previous sub-standard workmanship on several occasions, causing various issues with its appearance.

Previous work such as modified flared wheel arches and various 'patch up' jobs had been carried out before our customer purchased it.

We fully stripped the caddy of all exterior handles, mouldings and bumpers to ensure a perfect factory finish could be achieved.

All previous repairs and areas of minor, localised corrosion were removed and the affected panels treated.

Whilst the bumpers, mirror backings and mouldings were off we carefully prepared them for colour coding, using a high build primer. We completely remove the textured finish before applying a high-gloss top coat, giving a perfect factory finish quality.

Finally the wheels were removed, stripped and recoated in light gunmetal with a gloss finish to compliment the flawless paintwork.

Ian Wright, of Ian Wright Decorators requested that all the work be carried out before it was due to be sign written.
Quality tradesmen understand that their vehicle is the first impression a potential customer has of their business so it is vital that it is presented correctly.