Stunning Mustang Show-Car Made Even More Stunning

Stunning Mustang Show-Car, Made Even More Stunning

Stunning Mustang show-car, made even more stunning with the paintwork we carried out!

Let's get one thing straight, this is no ordinary Mustang, but you wouldn't expect it to be as it is owned by Miltek performance.

Under the carbon fibre bonnet lurks a powerful 5.0 litre V8 with a cheeky supercharger bolted on top!

Back to the paintwork..

Initially we went to the customers workplace to estimate upon minor damage to the underside of the wing (as you can see, very minimal clearance between the wheel and wing!).

We were then asked if it would be possible to paint the carbon fibre bonnet BUT instead of applying vinyl viper stripes, leave the carbon as the stripes.

Quite a tricky job to carry out with no option of rework should anything be incorrect but I knew our team could confidently handle this!

Firstly, with the wheel removed, the wing was repaired and prepped ready to be painted at the same time as the bonnet.

For stage 2 we removed the bonnet to fully prepare the surface, ensuring all the edges were treated correctly for optimum paint adherence.

We placed the bonnet back on the fully masked car in a slightly elevated position.

This was so the paint coverage would be consistent on to the wings and the raised position made sure that we achieved 100% coverage on all sides.

The stripes were carefully measured and intricately masked out before the basecoat was applied, with the masking then removed we applied several coats of lacquer.

After a bake cycle the lacquer was carefully flatted back with ultra-fine before applying several more coats, thus ensuring there were no ‘steps’ where the carbon stripes were.

Once again we used ultra fine and then 3M trizact to completely flat and polish the painted panels after they had been on a bake cycle.

The gloss level and over-all deep finish achieved is nothing short of amazing, the lacquer really highlighting the beautiful carbon weave.

This was an amazing project to asked to be involved with, it is always very gratifying when being trusted with vehicles and work such as this.

Our team consists purely of highly skilled, time served technicians and the perfect finish is testament to the level of attention given at every stage of the process by every technician involved.

Complete Car Cosmetics, the team to trust.

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