Resprays & Projects

Resprays & Projects

Whether it is a car rebuild project, full car respray, complete colour change, restoration or an accident repair that requires larger scale paintwork, we can tend to your requirements.

Where is the work carried out?

Our body shop in Derby has a completely separate unit for body repair / preparation, perfect for ensuring our spray booth and finishing area are always kept spotlessly clean.

Paint and materials that are applied to vehicles during the repair and paint process are highly sensitive, having the work carried out in separate controlled environments ensures no cross-contamination which could affect the longevity of the paintwork.

Who will be working on your vehicle?

All our technicians are fully skilled and every step of the process is confirmed and documented.

We employ highly experienced ATA Senior technicians in both our panel and paint departments, qualifications that demonstrate our commitment to providing the very finest quality.

What's the process?

Initially we need to view the vehicle and discuss all the exact details of work that is to be carried out, we do not charge for this consultation as it is purely to ensure there is 100% understanding as any misinterpretation on job specification could be extremely costly to re-work.

When all the specific details and costs are agreed we can progress to arranging a suitable date for the vehicle to be brought on site and work to commence.

The first step is to remove all exterior mouldings, door handles, trims etc to ensure all the body is cleaned and prepped thoroughly before any products are applied.

At this stage any damage to metal or plastic is repaired, amongst all our tools we have specialist dent pulling equipment that removes large dents to panels, reducing the need for body filler or costly replacement.

After any damage has been repaired we use specific undercoats and primer to seal any repairs / areas of bare metal before progressing the vehicle through to the paint shop.

Following the application of the base-coat we apply multiple coats of an extremely high quality, anti-scratch lacquer which is then baked in our booth / oven, this gives a beautiful smooth gloss finish that is guaranteed to last.

If we are carrying out a colour change for you we can mix a smaller amount of paint, this can be applied to a metal test card for you, ensuring you are completely happy with your chosen colour and finish on a metal surface before it is actually applied to your vehicle.

Our in-house paint mixing scheme has amazing technical support, providing us with the upmost confidence to perfectly match any colour, including metallics or pearls.