Something A Bit Different

Something A Bit Different

We often get asked to get involved in all sorts of work, usually by customers who have used us for paintwork repairs on their cars and think of us first to help with other inanimate objects that have acquired damaged.

It adds a bit of variety to the work we do and usually receives a raised eyebrow from at least one of the team, especially when the items don't even have any wheels!

A small selection of some recent tasks are:

Painting 30 brown domestic gas meter boxes white for a building company who didn't want brown ones (but that was the only colour they came in!).

Repairing three Pinarello Dogma F8 carbon frames, all these belonged to customers who knew we could repair their pride and joy to a high standard as we had previously repaired their cars. If you know road bikes then you'll know these aren't particular cheap and cost more to replace than a lot of people's family cars!

Removing scratches off tiny polished chrome squares on a very expensive handbag after the owner caught it on a wall.

Repairing some unwanted holes in an exhaust hanger on a 1960's lambretta, whilst also rectifying some poor previous repairs to the rear panel.

Carrying out some touch up work on a fantastic custom bike which has been imported from California, an absolutely stunning machine with a very special paint finish.

It's always very gratifying to be trusted to work on customers possessions that don't just have financial, but irreplaceable sentimental value (apart from the gas boxes, obviously!).

Our team are very versatile and can turn their hands to most types of work and our spray booth is large enough to accommodate anything up to the size of a medium sized van!